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I’m an active athlete, but lately I’ve been experiencing foot pain while completing average tasks, like walking around or going up and down the steps. When I’m at rest, the pain in my foot goes away, but it comes back when I put weight on it. Why is that?

Stress fractures are often the culprits when it comes to sports injury related pain. Though you haven’t suffered a recent injury, stress fractures build over time as a result of overuse and repeated stress. So, it stands to reason that an active athlete might have gradually developed bruising and/or a tiny crack in the bones of your foot, which was then exacerbated by continued use. Runners and athletes that participate in running-related sports, like soccer and basketball, often suffer stress fractures in the lower leg and foot, since those areas of the body absorb sports-related stress and repetitive contact with the field or pavement. Though initial bruising or cracks in the bone may have begun as minuscule, a stress fracture can still cause significant pain and discomfort over time. The severity of a stress fracture in the foot can vary, so it’s wise to consult an expert orthopedic surgeon who specializes in treating sports related injuries.