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I’m an avid volleyball player, and lately I’ve noticed a grinding sensation in my shoulder, sometimes accompanied by a popping sound. My shoulder also feels a bit weaker than it used to. Is this a volleyball related injury, and if so, what might it be?

A shoulder popping/grinding sensation is a common symptom of a sports related injury. Southern Californian’s who play a lot of tennis, volleyball, baseball, softball, and other sports that require overhead activity are at risk of developing shoulder injuries like shoulder impingement syndromerotator cuff tearslabrum tears, or shoulder bursitis.

Overuse, repetitive stress, and sudden impact to the shoulder are all common causes of these conditions. However, the symptoms of these sports related shoulder injuries overlap, so it’s important to visit an expert sports injury orthopedic surgeon serving the San Fernando Valley and beyond, who can assess your specific symptoms and properly diagnose your injury by using the latest diagnosing techniques and imagining technology.