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Anytime I toss the football, even for a half an hour, my shoulder is killing me by the next morning. What is causing this?

There are a number of possible reasons for your shoulder pain after throwing a football. The most common causes are rotator cuff tendonitis (where the tendons have become inflamed and irritated) and Bursitis. These rotator cuff injuries typically appear after engaging in activities where your arm moves in an overhead motion repetitively. Swimmers, incidentally also commonly report these pains. Both tendonitis and Bursitis result from a pinching of the rotator cuff tendon between two bones of the shoulder. If you only suffer from this pain after throwing the football, it may not be a big enough disruption to your life to have the injury repaired. However, in many cases the tendonitis or Bursitis will worsen over time. Moreover, if the tendons are tearing, you run the risk of a more serious injury. My suggestion is to visit an Orthopaedist, and let us determine the proper course of treatment.