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Patella Femoral Syndrome

Sometimes called Runner’s Knee, Patella Femoral Syndrome is also referred to as Patellar Mal-Alignment or Patellar Instability. The most common complaint from patients suffering from Patella Femoral Syndrome is knee pain in the front of the knees. In some cases there may be a feeling that your knee is grinding. Athletes are particularly susceptible to Patella Femoral Syndrome, and they need not be involved in high contact sports. Running, jumping, squatting, cycling, climbing are just a few of the ways that the knee is overused. This repetitive use of the knee causes the Patella (knee cap) to tilt or slip out of the femoral groove, so that it is no longer aligned directly downward. In some athletes the knee cap becomes completely dislocated, which will require Dr. Nadel to perform surgery known as Arthroscopic Patellar Shaving, in order to realign the patella back to its proper position within the groove.