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Labrum Tear

Falling directly on your shoulder, or falling with an outstretched arm, which is common for football players, may result in a Labrum tear. Other high contact sports, such as hockey and wrestling can also put you in a position to suffer a Labrum tear. However, Labrum tears can also occur in non-contact sports, such as baseball or weightlifting as a result of overuse or repetitive motion of the shoulder. Because the Labrum serves a vital role in the stabilization of the shoulder, a tear to it can result in feelings of shoulder instability, and may be accompanied by shoulder popping or grinding. Dr. Nadel offers onsite X-rays to determine whether or not bone spurs, fractures, or other injuries have been sustained. In most cases, to confirm a Labrum tear, Dr. Nadel will order an MRI of your shoulder in order to further evaluate the damage to the Labrum. However, in many cases Arthroscopic Surgery will be required for him to view the extent of the damage, and to make the necessary repairs, so that you can get moving again as quickly as possible.