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Hip Bursitis

There are two types of hip bursitis, which Dr. Nadel regularly treats at his West Hills, CA and Westlake Village, CA offices. Inflammation of the bursa that covers the bony point of the hit bone is known as trochanteric bursitis.

A second bursa, which frequently becomes inflamed and painful, particularly in athletes in Southern California is called the iliopsoas bursa. This bursa is located on the inside (groin) of the hip. Although commonly referred to as hip bursitis, the pain is felt in the groin.

Symptoms of hip bursitis include pain at the point of the hip which extends to the outer thigh area. The pain may initially be sharp and shooting gradually transitioning into an ache across a large area of the hip. Many athletes that Dr. Nadel treats report the pain from bursitis worsens after squatting such as while playing football, or lifting weights. The pain from hip bursitis may also increase after prolonged walking or climbing stairs or be felt more strongly while lying in bed at night.

As a San Fernando Valley specialist in Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy & Adult Reconstructive Surgery, General Orthopaedics and Fractures, Dr. Kevin Nadel will perform a comprehensive examination to determine if your hip and groin pain is the result of bursitis. Once this has been determined to be the cause of your pain, Dr. Nadel may prescribe a period of modified activity, steroid injections, physical therapy, or in some cases, surgery may be required.