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Hand/Wrist Tendonitis

The tendons of the wrist and hand are prone to being injured, and/or inflamed. Swelling may result in severe pain. Often the cause of tendonitis in the wrist or hand is caused by overuse, strain, or repetitive use, such as when playing sports including tennis, basketball, softball, football or volleyball. The most common form of wrist tendonitis is known as De Quervain’s tendonitis.

This occurs in the wrist and its symptoms include swelling and irritation of the tendons along the thumbs side of your wrist. You may first notice trouble when you try to make a fist, or open a tightly closed jar. Resting, splinting and various medications may resolve the pain coming from wrist tendonitis, but in other cases such as when a tendon has been torn, Dr. Nadel will need to perform surgery to repair the torn tendon.