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Ganglion Cysts

The most common lumps or masses in the hand/wrist are ganglion cysts. These noncancerous fluid filled cysts often appear, disappear and change their size. The most common location for a ganglion cyst is on the wrist, and it often forms a visible lump. Many ganglion cysts cause no pain at all, but many others can put pressure on nerves, resulting in tingling, weakness, or pain. Those who suffer from arthritis are more likely to develop ganglion cysts, and women tend to develop them more often than men.

Dr. Nadel will determine the appropriate course of treatment to relieve your pain, and/or remove your ganglion cyst. In some cases, immobilization alone may be enough to allow the cyst to shrink. In other cases, a procedure known as aspiration may be indicated to release the fluid. Other ganglion cysts may require surgery.