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Biceps/Triceps Tendon Tears

Within your arm are the biceps and the triceps muscles, which are frequently injured by athletes while playing various sports. Attached to both the biceps and the triceps are tendons which connect the muscles to the bone. When either of these tendons or torn either during a fall, or due to overuse or a repetitive motion, such as while playing football, volleyball, tennis, or during weightlifting, the ensuing pain can be significant.

Symptoms of a biceps or triceps tendon tear include pain, bruising, burning, swelling, restricted motion, or weakness in the arm. Dr. Nadel will be able to confirm a biceps or triceps tendon tear during a visit to his Westlake Village or West Hills office. X-rays and MRIs may be necessary to confirm the severity of the tear. Fortunately these types of tendon tears in the arm may be healed through many nonsurgical treatments including rest, icing, anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy. In more severe biceps or triceps tears, sports injury specialist and orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Kevin Nadel will need to perform surgery to reattach the tendon to the bone.