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Biceps Tendonitis

A snapping or popping sound in your shoulder may be indicative of Biceps Tendonitis. In sports, Biceps Tendonitis may occur when an elbow is straightened suddenly against a force, such as during a tackle in football. This injury also occurs frequently when athletes lift weights. Biceps Tendonitis occurs when one of the two tendons which attach the biceps muscle to the shoulder has been partially torn, or in more severe cases, has completely ruptured. Within a few hours of this sports injury, athletes will notice bruising around the elbow, possibly extending to the upper arm, in conjunction with shoulder pain, or a weak elbow. Other symptoms include the biceps muscle appearing to have moved or become suddenly larger. In most cases of Biceps Tendonitis, Dr. Nadel will perform outpatient Arthroscopic Surgery to reattach the tendon to the bone.