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Back, Neck, Hip & Groin

Groin Strain

Southern California athletes are often very familiar with a groin strain. Groin strain occurs when there is a stretching, straining or tearing of the muscle fibers or tendons running from the front of the hip to the inner thigh.

Hip Bursitis

There are two types of hip bursitis, which Dr. Nadel regularly treats at his West Hills, CA and Westlake Village, CA offices. Inflammation of the bursa that covers the bony point of the hit bone is known as trochanteric bursitis.

Lower Back Pain

Dr. Nadel routinely treats athletes in the West San Fernando Valley who are suffering from lower back pain stemming from a sports injury. For patients who routinely play sports or engage in strenuous activities.

Neck Pain

Sports enthusiasts and weekend warriors know all too well that failure to properly stretch, or repetitive overuse of the muscles in the upper back and neck can result in moderate to severe neck pain.


Endurance athletes in and around Los Angeles are prone to Sciatica, a common sports injury occurring with the Sciatic nerve is compressed. The ensuing pain reported by Dr. Nadel’s athlete patients may begin with numbness or tingling


In instances where surgery is not required to treat your sports injury, Dr. Nadel is pleased to offer a variety of non-surgical treatments to alleviate your pain while you recover.