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Ankle Fractures (Broken Ankle)

One of the most common sports injuries, Ankle fractures (Broken Ankle) occur in athletes every day. However, the type of fracture varies widely depending upon which of the three bones which comprise the ankle joint has broken. As such, the level of pain you will experience when breaking your ankle will also range from mild to excruciating. With all ankle fractures, the first symptom will be immediate swelling and bruising. In severe cases, you may hear your ankle snap or pop. In less severe breaks, you may assume it’s nothing more than a sprain. In any case, Dr. Nadel will perform onsite X-rays of your ankle to determine the location and degree of your injury. Some ankle fractures will heal with bracing, rest, ice, elevation and crutches. However, many ankle fractures will require surgery, generally with metal plates or screws to assist the broken bones in healing. Dr. Nadel will determine the appropriate course of treatment for your injury, and will work hard to reduce the amount of bracing or casting time, in order to prevent stiffness.