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While I was playing basketball, I heard a snapping/popping sound near my heel. Now I’m having trouble pointing my toes and my ankle is swollen. What type of injury is this?

The best way to determine the type of injury you’ve suffered is to visit a skilled orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports injuries. That said, it sounds as if you may have suffered an Achilles Tendon Tear. After hearing that popping sound, you might’ve felt severe pain that radiated upwards from your heel, followed by stiffness, inflammation, and problems fully flexing the afflicted foot. Achilles tendon injuries often occur while playing sports, and may result from overuse, flat feet, a lack of stretching that left muscles too tight, or a sudden increase in the intensity of your workout. Sometimes an abrupt movement – like a sprinter starting a race, or an athlete lunging for an open ball during a basketball game – may instigate an Achilles tendon tear. An expert orthopedic surgeon who treats athletes throughout Southern California is best equipped to determine the severity of your Achilles tendon tear, then prescribe the appropriate treatment for your injury.