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Achilles Rupture

The Achilles Tendon connects the calf muscle to the heel. When it ruptures, you’ll know it, as it is often accompanied by an audible snap or pop, and you typically won’t be able to stand after the rupture. This injury affects athletes, and non-athletes, though in the latter it commonly occurs in people who are engaging in a sports activity that is not part of their regular exercise routine. An example may be that of a patient who hasn’t played tennis in 10 years, and decides to go play a game. This extremely painful Achilles rupture generally appears as pain in the calf, and will almost always require surgery in order to repair the tendons. The good news is that the incidence of re-rupturing the Achilles Tendon is much lower with surgery, than it is with non-surgical treatment. Both options will require bracing or casting for a number of weeks.